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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2011 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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i do not see them in the room right now. a historic architect for that project, having worked substantially with the ir. and looking at the environmental document, there are many others. the army corps of engineers is here today. there are many others who have been involved in the project. thank you. >> good morning, president, members of the commission. i think that dan did an excellent overview on the project. it is a long coming project. we have had to get over a number of bumps in the road. it is very significant to be
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here, as the project itself was conceived of as being an open space that would be the lever -- delivered as part of the redevelopment of pier 32. as we reported, we ran into problems with that development. i would specifically like to recognize career in woods and michael sweet as being key people, from the very beginning, locking us through the long history. through the different partnerships with public agencies as well as the community at large, we were able to force iraq and get over the requirements up to this point. included within that was this full environmental impact report analysis. as part of the grant street pier project, part of the redevelopment of pier 30-32, you can see the water mark
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condominiums that we were talking about earlier. at that time, we thought we had a good understanding of what the historic resources had been. but it was not identified as a historic resources and was not analyzed in that fashion. subsequent to that, when we were actually doing the detailed analysis for the embarcadero historic district, that is when our historian at the time identified of the source, triggering the need for subsequent environmental review. it was only through the patience of the community of partners that we were able to pull together funding from alternate sources that ultimately led us to our partnership. producing this environmental impact report before you today. in coordination with the
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environmental national policy act document, the army corps needs to prepare to do their portion of the work for the demolition of pier 36. the combination of federal, local, and state approval, coalesced to be able for the project to move forward. in that context, this has been completed. the planning department was also a major partner in helping us without having to hire consultants on that. it has been finalized and certified by the planning commission. at this point, the commission, which i understand you have all received copies of that, the summary is written up in the findings that are attached to the proposed resolution that staff is recommending to approve today. summarizing the findings of that eir, acknowledging that the
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ballot -- demolition of a war of section will be effectively replaced and are significant in environmental impact in terms of demolition. as reflected in dance presentation, all of the work going into to deliver a public open space for south beach are bigger reasons to override the fact that even the we have significant environmental impact, the public open space benefits, the benefits to the day, the basis upon which you would be approving the findings. in association with that, there are a number of mitigation that the that are memorialized and attached to the staff report resolution, set with the
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dictates of which to be a part of the construction of the project and implementation of labor history and the more realization of some of the physical gateways to pier 36. so, with that, hopefully that will give you a good picture of the overall history. we recommend that you approve the attached resolution. thank you. >> moved. >> second. >> we do have public comment. maryland? >> good morning, everyone. i am a member of the south beachgac and have been involved in this project for several years.
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this is a great report. a good way to continue on from the ferry building, all of the way down through the bay bridge, all of the way to the ballpark. i definitely support this and look forward to having its completion in a couple of years. thank you. let's thank you. commissioner? -- >> thank-you. commissioner? >> good morning, commissioners. this is very exciting for us. i was the chair of the south beach cac redevelopment. i have been involved in this project since its inception. i am excited to see it before you. we hit some bumps in the road, but i would like to commend staff that worked so hard to bring this forward.
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i would like to thank staff for pushing this bond measure on to the ballot a couple of years ago. i feel like we are almost there. i would encourage you to adopt a resolution to do what is necessary to move this project forward. hopefully, we will be able to complete this project in time for the america's cup, with that the desired end needed green space and beautiful elements added to the south beach communities for a long time coming. it will be appreciated. it is looking great. i am excited that we are at this point now. thank you very much. >> are there any other public comments? commissioner? >> i support the resolution. i wanted to speak to staff about the next steps, since there were many comments about historical
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preservation. will there be challenges as we continue forward? what is the next step in the process? >> good question. i was remiss in not recommend -- recognizing the preservation community as well. at the time that the special policies were put in place, the preservation community was also a part of that process. at that time, there had been a survey of the historic peers. pier 36 was accepted as not being one of them. one of the reasons that this was identified as a good location to create a major open space. despite subsequent new information about historic status, there may be members within the community that still have some concerns and heartburn around the issue. by and large, they have been committed to trying to work with
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the overall community objectives. they have been very cooperative. the historic preservation commission commented as well. so, everyone has been fully appraised of this project moving forward. >> with our commission, with planning commission approval, what other approval is necessary? >> that is going to be the construction process that steve will be bringing forward to you at the next meeting. this is the port commission, basically saying that they approved to go ahead because the implication steps in the process would work that needs to be done with that the army to coordinate the demolition of pure 36 will be construction of the plaza itself. there is a lot of technical detail that needs to be coordinated between those efforts. it has been under way, but with
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action today we would be able to pull through and meet that schedule for delivering in time for next summer. thank you. >> it might be premature to ask about this. it might be something for the army corps, but i have a question about the existing tiles that are there. in terms of the reduction of the significant impacts, it seems that a lot of it relates to driving. are there any opportunities to preserve what exists, as much as what is being done at the exploreatorium? >> great question. during the detailed engineering design, we looked at several methods to incorporate into the
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new project that turned out to be more expensive. we went forward with removal and driving piles for construction, which worked. the actual files, the zone that overlaps with new construction, is fairly small. but we did consider that. >> thank you. any other questions? >> thank you. this is a very long awaited project. i would like to thank dan, the in, and all of the staff that work along with michael, karan, and all of the committee advisory groups that have been involved. we cannot wait until we have groundbreaking and construction. thank you all very much. let's all in favor? >> 1154 has been approved -- >>
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all in favor? >> 1154 has been approved. >> is there any public comment on new business? i would like to acknowledge the port delegates to the annual association of the annual meeting. >> ok. item #eight. public comment. >> is there any public comment? >> item #9, executive session. >> so moved. >> all in favor? executive session. >> conference with real council and real property negotiated.
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>> i can keep that? we are reconvening be open section. with that we not disclose any of the items discussed in closed session. >> second. >> can i have a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> we are adjourned at 11:22 p.m.? >> a.m. [laughter] >> i was nodding, as to why it -- so i do not know what mike -- [no audio]
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